This is a small collection of my work and online presence to date.

Here is a list of places you can see my work in action.

  • GitHub
    Here you can find code for my Discord bots, and where I will be hosting current & future projects.
  • Discord
    Come and hang out with me in my personal discord server. Ask questions about my work or projects, or just chill.
  • Twitter
    Twitter is the place to check to see when I'm working on something new, or to see updates for my current projects.

Latest Work


I designed and implemented the logo, UI and website for Taurine, making use of the Procursus bootstrap and libhooker, an all new hooking library designed with modern firmwares in mind.


Betelguese is a program co-maintained by me and Adam Demasi which allows you to use the Procursus bootstrap and libhooker library on your checkra1n-jailbroken device with a single click!


I assisted Micah (the main developer of FlashBack) with a visual overhaul of FlashBack with some upgrades to functionality too. The redesigned FlashBack app now also contains a handy guide on how to use the app.


This is a podcast organised and hosted by me and cynder about jailbreaking and other tech related subjects. Available on Apple and Spotify. Official Patreon and Discord links! The show is on hiatus, but hopefully back soon!

Friends' Projects

Below is a small collection of stuff that I think is cool, made by some cool people I know!


Chariz is an awesome jailbreak repo run by my friends Adam and Aarnav, and it's a one stop shop for awesome packages to breathe new life into your jailbroken iOS device, with cool tweaks and themes! Check it out!


StreamTicker is a Discord bot developed by my friends Jack and Alistair that allows you to get realtime statistics about anything online. It pulls data from Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and many more! Add it to your Discord!

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