Welcome to my site.

This is a small collection of my work and online presence to date.

Here is a list of places you can see my work in action.

  • GitHub
    Here you can find code for my Discord bots, and where I will be hosting current & future projects.
  • Discord
    Come and hang out with me in my personal discord server. Ask questions about my work or projects, or just chill.
  • Twitter
    Twitter is the place to check to see when I'm working on something new, or to see updates for my current projects.

Latest Work

This is a showcase of some of my newer projects, which include Python bots, a theme and a podcast.

Legacy Siri Bot


A warm summery theme, with vibes inspired by the hit track by the same name. Over 150 icons, all in this unique vibrant style. ZEZE has made over 220,000 impressions over its lifetime.
Jeff Williams Bot


This is a podcast organised and hosted by me about jailbreaking. Available on Apple and Spotify. Official Patreon and Discord links.
Legacy Siri Bot

Legacy Siri

A novelty bot more than anything, takes commands it doesn't recognise and returns them in a Siri-style error handling method. It has recently been updated with JeffBot's functionality for update notifications.
Jeff Williams Bot


This bot is very convenient for me, as it allows me to reach over 1,000 people and tell them which of the latest Apple software betas have been released with just a short message.

Friends' Projects

Below is a small collection of stuff that I think is cool, made by some cool people I hope to be as good as someday!

unc0ver Dark

This is unc0ver Dark, made by Shady and Diatrus. It's an improved version of the unc0ver jailbreak provided by pwn20wnd and Sam Bingner, but adds an updated APT and support for Sileo, an alternative package manager. It's open source, and said source is available here.


Jellyfish is an iOS lockscreen revamp created by Ayden Panhuyzen and Justin Proulx. It's stunning, and matches iOS' own design language to a T, while also being beautiful and distinct. It draws colour and life from your own wallpaper and if you have one of the popular colourful music tweaks, even your song choice.

That's it for now, keep checking back to see my progress.

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Email: support@23aaron.com